About us

We think it is important for you to get a feel for who we are, a good working relationship is paramount to an amazing finished project.

Our obsession with quality in all we do, along with our passion and excitement for individual service, ensures that we’re comfortable dealing with our clients and confident we will make a success of their projects no matter how big or small.

We work in a small team to deliver cost-effective, result driven solutions that offer a personalised service with exceptional results for our clients. We have been designing stunning, usable websites, delivering advanced application development and mobile/app solutions for a multitude of different companies, covering the majority of business sectors.

Who are we

Neil Judges

Neil Judges

Owner. Designer. Developer

Neil started Flying Cow Labs in 2007, soon after creating a website for a relative. He quickly found his true passion in life – offering people’s businesses maximum exposure through attention grabbing design. Websites and designs he’s created have made their way on to numerous prestigious galleries, meaning his designs are impressing customers and designers alike.

Anthony Milston

Anthony Milston

Copywriter. SEO Expert

Anthony has a healthy obsession with words – he likes them in specific arrangement but gets extra excited when they perform as he intended and are displayed proudly at the top spot in a Google search. A knowledgeable marketer, Anthony can skillfully create captivating copy that resonates with its audience.

Serena Judges

Serena Judges


Crucial to the smooth running of any business, the keeping of the books is a laborious task but one that Serena always takes on with a smile. Often found near the coffee machine, she like nothing more than keeping fit and telling us to stop buying fonts and stationary.

About us

We are based in the south of England in the sunny seaside town of Bournemouth. We take inspiration from our surroundings to offer exceptional customer service and complete satisfaction.

Great design solves problems. We begin each project by identifying your goals. We then craft a solution with your goals in mind.

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We offer our services globally and bring creative, technical and strategic expertise to every project we undertake. Why not find out how we can help you?